Are you frustrated with your game, and your lack of consistency from one shot to the next?  You can change all that today by taking lessons with a qualified PGA Certified Instructor.  Just think how you’ll feel when you are able to hit one shot after the next consistently, and accurately the way they were meant to be hit.  You will shoot lower scores, and be the envy of everyone you play with.

The Benefits of lessons are endless with Michael Wenzel:
Here's what Michael can help you achieve:

Increase your distance, accuracy, and consistency.

Shoot better scores, resulting in a lower handicap.

Increase your enjoyment of playing the game.

Through increased confidence, develop a better working knowledge of your ball
         flights and golf swing.

Gain the ability to understand and hit specialty scoring shots.

Hit farther and more consistently in the direction you desire. 

Learn to be your own best coach.

Develop a love and passion for the game of golf.

The best players in the world rely on a golf coach.  What makes you think you don't need one?
“The best lesson I have ever had.”
Irene Thompson
(630) 507- 4877

Michael Wenzel
PGA Certified Instructor

"My best round ever!  After 30 plus years of playing golf, and many hours on the range, to have your “best round ever” is as good as it gets for us amateur golfers.  Along with my best round ever, I broke par for nine holes (first time ever), and I had a personal best with only 26 putts. Michael’s quick assessment and simple adjustment of my putting setup without a doubt made the 26 putt round possible. It's amazing what a little quality golf instruction can do for your game.  Thanks Michael, your great putting guidance made it all possible - my best round ever!"  - Jim H.
Michael receiving the U.S. Kids Top 50 Teacher Award.
2013-2014 Golf Digest
"Best Teachers in Illinois"
Hear what some of Michael’s best students
have said after taking lessons...

“Last year was my best season ever.”
Don Nelson

“I’m driving it better now and I knocked 10 shots off my game.”
Jules Rukin

“Taking lessons has increased my confidence.”
Dr. David Schwartz

“My putting is much better.”
Launa Arenson

“Lessons have helped me hit farther and increase my knowledge.”
Greg Fischer

“You have showed me stuff I wouldn’t have seen on my own. It made a huge difference in my game, and I thank you.”
Mark Fromm